This space is about many things because our lives are about many things. The way that our personal experiences, native cultures, faith practices intersect and interact not only shapes the people we are but locates us in a very particular part of the human story.*

To be me is to be responsible for all these intersections and to understand me is to be attentive to them. To be responsible to the human story is to tell our part.

The telling of stories is its own form of resistance. We tell our story to be reminded of our dignity. We tell our story to claim that we have our place, however small, in this world. We tell our story to reject the singular narratives that neatly divide our personhood into categories.

This space is about my responsibility to me and to my community.

*The theory of intersectionality as first coined by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw refers to the interconnectedness of social categories as they contribute to systems of discrimination and oppression. This foundational understanding is important in reading where I’m writing from.

About Me

I am a California kid by way of Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Mississippi, and Atlanta. I currently reside in San Diego, CA with my wife and zero dogs. B.A. in Social Science and M.A. in Theological Studies. Currently obsessed with fly-tying and the elusive Golden Trout.

Disclaimer: This blog represents my personal experiences, convictions, and original ideas unless otherwise noted. As such, it does not necessarily reflect the views of any organization or communities that I represent, though I hope many of these ideas would inform our faith practice.